Assessment & Benchmarking

Sustainability initiatives mitigate environmental and reputational risks and can help companies drive business upside by redesigning processes, product offerings and business models to gain a real competitive edge. By placing …

Climate Change Services

Carbon footprinting measures the greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organisation, event or product. By offsetting these emissions, you can have a carbon neutral organization, event or product…

Materiality Analysis

This is the heart of effective sustainability management in business. And it does more than merely pop out a list of “priority issues”. For an efficient response to sustainability, our materiality assessment

SROI Analysis & Stakeholder Engagement

Social return on investment (SROI) is a principles-based method for measuring extra-financial value (i.e., environmental and social value not currently reflected in…

ESG & Sustainability Reporting and Communications

Earn the trust you seek through effective, transparent reporting. Protect the value in your business using communication with targeted audiences, focused on relevant issues. Make your reporting work for you….

ESG & Sustainability Strategy and Management Systems

AIPHORIA specializes in helping organizations understand their impacts, risks and opportunities related with their operations and sustainable development. We help organizations face these challenges and…

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